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Medical content and communication

The reliable partner to deliver your brand strategy

Medical content and communication

Pharmaceutical companies have now a tremendous amount of data available to them.

Companies who are more efficient in delivery of their data through their sales force and communication strategy get the competitive advantage.

Using in-house scientific experience and pharmaceutical knowledge, we can help enhance the strategic focus of your communications activity.

Our services in communications and content include:

Product-related medical communications
  • Publication planning
  • Advocacy Development
Development of Medical Content
  • Medical writing
  • Translations
  • Copyediting




Our medical writers use their scientific training, writing expertise, and business acumen to educate your target audiences and strategically enhance your brand’s value.

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Distant medical learning

Your medical representatives are one of your largest investments.

Now more than ever, it’s critical to ensure a maximum return on that investment.

Exploit the opportunities of distant learning for sales force, other employees and external customers.

E-learning is coming to pharm-industry.

The market leaders now depart from traditional twice an year training events and implement blended models with growing distant learning component.

Distant trainings improve the quality and decrease the cost of medrep preparation.

Our comprehensive, engaging, and action-oriented educational programs will ensure the effectiveness of your sales force and help you meet and exceed your business goals.

The distant product course for internal staff can be easily adjusted for exterrnal use. When applied in promotional education it will create new opportunities for your products.

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Influential Clinical Trials

Get the maximum impact from your local post-authorisation clinical trials.

Recent changes in regulatory requirements and introduction of new quality standards for post-marketing studies generate not only challenges but also opportunities.

The well designed and reported comparative observational post-marketing study allows making valid, scientific statements based on the study results.

The local clinical trial, required for local registration should also be performed with maximum benefit for brand strategy.

To achieve the really influential results, we implement an appropriate study design, adequate data analysis and publication plan, delivering right message to the right audience.

We will help you to raise the scientific level of your observational studies, obtain and publish influential results and get the maximum return on your investments in local clinical trials.

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